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Blackjack vs. slots: what to choose?

If you haven’t chosen between blackjack and slots yet, then it makes sense to have them compared. Keep reading to learn how these major types of casino games differ and get familiar with their pros and cons.


Well, slots can be defined as gambling devices featuring mechanical or virtual reels, spinning each time they’re activated. As a rule, slots come with 5 or 3 reels, with a wide array of symbols on each. The player can count on a reward when these symbols form a winning combination as soon as the reels cease spinning.

Slots are extremely popular in casinos. Perhaps, their greatest advantage is that they’re very easy to play. You require placing your bet, pressing the spin button, and then waiting for the reels to cease spinning. You don’t need any special skills as well as strategies to succeed in this game.

Another great advantage of slots is their amazing diversity – you can choose something worthy from a rich array, enjoying myriads of available games.


That’s another fun thing in the casino world. It’s one of the most popular casino games around the globe. In this card game, cards are compared between the player’s and the dealer’s hands. Participants don’t play against each other here. Instead, they take on the dealer.

Blackjack is normally played with one or several regular decks of up to 52 cards. Here the key objective is to have the dealer’s hand beaten without going over 21.

The game enables you to easily socialize with players at the same table. However, it’s just a matter of your preference. Some folks are used to playing alone, going at their own pace. So, they don’t want to rely on the dealer and await other participants.

Blackjack vs. slots: the difference

Whether you’re all geared towards becoming a winner or you’re just eager to have some fun, well both these games offer tons of excitement as well as good odds. As for the house edge for blackjack, we can say that it amounts to 0.5%, based on the casino you’re dealing with and its rules. With blackjack, you will enjoy a 45% likelihood of winning for every hand. It’s quite possible to have your blackjack odds improved by simply getting much practice and utilizing an effective strategy.

As far as slots, we can say that there aren’t any strategies or must-have skills, which can potentially impact the outcome of your spins and drastically improve your slot odds. Here luck is what determines your win or failure. The matter is that all slot machines come with the so-called Random Number Generator or RNG for short. It randomly picks up spin combinations, thus making it unreal to influence the result.

Types of slots

types of slots

Classic slots

When you hear “classic slots” you should realize that in the modern sense of this word, these are games specially designed to resemble traditional mechanical machines. Just like their old-school ancestors, classical slots also feature 3 spinning reels with classic symbols and bars. Here classical symbols include cherries and bells. Today’s classic slots come with progressive payouts, bonuses as well as a rich array of themes.

Video slots

They come with various bet options, graphics, and line counts. Advanced video technology has made possible to introduce bonus games as well as free rounds, in addition to a possibility to count on progressive jackpots. With unlimited betting options and line counts, graphics, alluring bonuses, and progressive jackpots, video slots have become a mind-blowing money making industry.

Multi-reel video slots

As the name suggests, such slots have more reels than the traditional number of 3 reels. They can come with 7, 5, or even 9 reels combined with advanced video technology.

Progressive and fixed-jackpot slots

In progressive slots, jackpot goes up as more folks play until somebody finally grasps the jackpot. The very idea of using progressive slots suggests linking a lot of machines together with the aim of producing larger jackpots. Funds from the connected slot machines are pooled together, thus easily accumulating impressive jackpots.

Flat-top slots, also known as fixed jackpot slots

Here participants can play with maximum coins due to the fact the jackpot turns out to be bigger relative to the player’s bet.

Hot and cold slots

When classifying slot machines by rates, it’s believed that there’re two major types of them.

Hot slots

A hot machine pays out on a regular basis, at least some players strongly believe in this fact.

Cold slots

They don’t pay. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re special. They might be a sort of malfunction or lack of the Internet connection.

Slots with bonuses and without them

You probably realize what it means “slots without bonuses,” but slots, which offer them definitely deserve a separate explanation.

As a rule, bonus games get unlocked during the regular gameplay right after you have spun in a certain combination of symbols on the reel. If you’re interested in the winning combos for your game, you require checking out the game’s pay table. Notwithstanding, getting a bonus is just a matter of luck, some bonuses can require certain skills.

3-D slots

To keep gamblers intrigued, slot machine makers have come up with 3-D characters as well as narratives in their games. It’s always funny to discover slots symbols, jumping and moving around. Animated cartoon personages from your favorite TV shows or movies can’t get your bored too.

Conclusion: making a difficult choice

Perhaps, you still don’t know whether you should opt for slots or stick with blackjack games. Eventually, they both offer fantastic choices. If you’re a novice player, you can use any of them. However, if you could pick up only the one, we would have recommended you to opt for slots. They’re very easy to play and give tons of fun. With a rich selection of themes, you will 100% have unlimited opportunities to relax.

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